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popheadscirclejerk : Happy Birthday Beyoncé - thank you for introducing the world to Ava Max 😍🙌

user helloitsjesus
Jack Harlow waiting for his part in industry baby
the Future Nostalgia promo has gone too far
Army learns history
maxipads insurrection
Literally what does this mean
FKA twigs is a top confirmed
Swifties failed Biology 🧬
when will it end
"celebrities need to use their platform more!" celebrities using their
Katy Perry
Would you try it
SMH 😤 Another queen who can't wear a mask
BTS releasing more remixes whenever they fall in the charts
Dua and Bieber when they break multiple covid rules like:
Protect Miley at all costs!!!
Not me predicting the future 🌚✨
That escalated quickly
[LEAKED] AOTY just submitted, no Grammy is safe
Something something 6 or 9 inches
Pop girls breaking records 😍❤
So we’re a Kylie subreddit now right
BREAKING: fun new way to personally attack singers discovered
Sheerios State competing with Barbz University for dropout rates.
Marina when someone gives "Primadonna" a stream:
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