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guns : Happy Birthday to me

user br4nd0n32
1000 yards with iron sights!
I thought she tuned me out when I started talking about guns. Then she got me this
This Guy Tarkovs
Mom: "We have a PSG-1 at home"
Beretta M9A3 I picked up about a year ago.
Was going to wait till 10mm Tuesday, but it's too beautiful! Kriss Vector SDP-SB
You're gonna carry that weight.
My most expensive dates... Can't even afford to take them out anymore
"Shabbat, shalom, motherfuckers!" -Mordechai Jefferson Carver
Buy once cry once. STI Staccato XL
The Modern Combat Rifle
M-79 Grenade Launcher build update.
a 🇧🇪 dog, an 🇦🇹 assault rifle and a 🇩🇪 dmr
Another Robocop Inspired Build - FNS-40L 3D Printed Frame
Grandpa’s Hi-Power
Some M1 Garands i just finished building.
Thompson SBR got approved mega fast!
Shorty AR Spitfire
I Think you yanks will like some Famae 542 Porn.
My only rifle so decided to treat it with some upgrades (EU edition)
Plastikov-103: What happens when SGL-21s die
Dinner is served
Just a simple man trying to slot a deer with my Saiga.
Finally finished my first build!
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