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guns : Using the brush gun for its intended purpose. Shooting things through the brush.

user Fetacheeseonmyknees
When you can’t afford a light mount but you have a 3D printer
If you feel the heat around the corner...
I miss weekndGunnit
Never Forgotten!
Is it stupid? Yes. Stupidly fun, and surprisingly practical.
Rust bluing a custom Marlin 336
What the Fudd?
It’s rare my wife gives me a hard time for leaving stuff in my pockets, but this
My Sauer 404 in .308 with Grade 10 European walnut
Treated myself to a Klobb
"Why do you need guns?" What else am I going to take pictures of?
Newest addition: Desert Eagle 1911
Dual-Wield 3D Printed Browning Hi-Power Frames - Happy 4th Weekend!
All these Armalites their nemesis.
Erm... Akshully the Fallout 3 Rifle
Moved to the US a year ago, bought my first gun today! 🙌🏽
STG44 full auto
First M1 and I’m in love
I asked some gun autists what color to print a frame in, and they told me rainbow.
Easter Bunny Wanted Some Extra Protection This Year
3D Printed Glock G17L Frame
Are we Posting Ghetto Blasters Now?
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