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guns : Since the End of the Cold War, Firearms Have Become the Slavic People's Greatest Export. After That Came Vodka, Caviar, and Suicidal Novelists.

user Monokrohm_Zebra
Where there's a will, there's a way.
It ain't easy being green
My dream rifle finally complete
3D Printed AR 22 Sci-Fi Blaster Pistol
Who here likes Retro rifles?
Posted myself in my vietnam kit 4 months ago and got called fat. Lost 40lbs since.
Dear Americans, happy 4th of July from England!
I only run my Glocks with STANDARD CAPACITY magazines
MAC and cheese
When you end up way too proud of your dumb meme-gun joke project
What the Hell kind of name is Soap?
First two purchases of 2021 have quickly become my favorites
Quiet? Why would you want your gun to be quiet?
Using the brush gun for its intended purpose. Shooting things through the brush.
When you can’t afford a light mount but you have a 3D printer
If you feel the heat around the corner...
I miss weekndGunnit
Never Forgotten!
Is it stupid? Yes. Stupidly fun, and surprisingly practical.
Rust bluing a custom Marlin 336
What the Fudd?
It’s rare my wife gives me a hard time for leaving stuff in my pockets, but this
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