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funny : "Where's your mask?" prank

user BalodyaMan
One of the best fake IDs I’ve ever seen
Subliminal messages
Myself and two coworkers realized we were wearing the same coat. The only option
Well, duh.
R.I.P. Wile E. Coyote
Thanks for the help
The look of disappointment
Learning nature with SrGrafo
Why do you want to work for our company ?
Runner falls of the stage
The Bear
Told my dad there was a leak under the sink
Get over here!
The only bulb I had that fit in my fridge was my color changing one... So now I have
Updated my wall art to be more relevant
How to appear online while working from home
That time of year again... 8th time chasing the wife with a lobster
my morning shower
Quarantine changed us
The struggle is real.
[OC] Good Old Days
Don’t be so sure
I work in a call center. Sometimes I to draw what my particularly rude callers look
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