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KoreanFood : I made a Bibimbap dinner for friends

Fully vegan korean feast - Kimbap, rabboki, mandu, home made kimchi and pickles
Growing up in Hawaii has caused me to miss authentic Korean food. Currently living
Jjajangmyeon ~
Date Night Budaejjigae!!! (With Donkasu!!)
Beef Bulgogi on Homemade Noodles
Monday night means sundubu jjigae (apparently)
Comfort food~ Bindae-tteok (mung bean pancake) & Dubu-kimchi
I made Maangchis Cheese Buldak. So tasty!
So happy with my first Bimbimpap
Done kimchi for the first time :)
Homemade Korean Corn Dog
Steak Bibimbap!
Fishcake and tuna kimchi jjigae 어묵참치 김치찌개
Jeongol! No after photos though :(
Spent yesterday afternoon making a 15 lb batch of kimchi! I’ve been using Maangchi’s
Extra Hot Noodles with Shrimp and Peppers
After 11 hours of zoom meetings, instant cheese ramyeon is what's for supper (but
Since I had a bit of vegetables leftover from the previous jeongol... haemul jeongol!
치즈 볶음밥 (cheese fried rice) - always done table side
Thin sliced pork belly ssambap with spicy tofu soup
Japchae 잡채 I was expecting some leftovers since there were only three of us eating
Happy Friday! Gochujang carbonara with udon and some pieces of tteok
“집밥” aka mom’s food. When I visit, she sometimes puts it in our old childhood
Having a meh day⛈+craving something spicy🌶 = Rabokki🍜
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