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TheCatTrapIsWorking : Sprinkles enjoying her Chewy box

user DaisyDoodleCat
He's as trapped by my homework as I am.
Just need to close the lid
It works, the only one that truly "WORKS."
The double trap is beginning to break under the strain...
new boots = new trap = one prisoner
He won’t leave until I turn the tap on.
I trapped my work at home supervisor today
He got caught in the wrong trap
Harlow's happy box
The light trap is working!
Left my pants drawer open....apparently it’s an alright spot for a nap
Spilled my water..
The minimalist trap
Does an aldi's bag count as a trap?
'For me? 🥺'
Decoy keyboard trap is working
Where she watches me work
Task failed successfully.
As soon as I put the box down, he climbed in. It's the perfect fit for Mace Kitty.
I think he wants to go in the refrigerator
Old cat and the sea-t
My boyfriend got me a big box of stuff for my birthday and the kitties are enjoying
Within 15 seconds of me emptying it out.
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