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Kitten : I attempted to groom my foster kittens as they look so much alike. It did not go down well.

user Catinkah
16 years old and he still looks like a kitten
The Two kinds of Kittens!
Look at these cute little fluff balls just vibing
Got these little fur babies
Our new little ball of fluff.
my pretty girl
Boxed up
she has to be right next to me at all times
High on cat nip
Smol paws 🐾
I adopted this beautiful little kitten on Thursday and still can't figure out what
Just sleeping on my arm
My beautiful 6 weeks old kitten😍 His name is Pip and been here only a day, already
Morning cuddles with my girl, Chise
Tiny girl
helllooo :3
Merlin (b/w) and Gandalf (grey) 9 weeks
This majestic masterpiece of smol
Escape artists in the making
Small Siamese kitten playing in the sunshine
They were scared of the boop
One of my old babies, George, in 2014. My mom sent me the picture.
Hey everyone! Is my kitten a boy or a girl? Thanks!
I woke up next to this little one
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