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waterporn : McArthur–Burney Falls Memorial State Park is the second oldest state park in the California State Parks system. The park offers camping, fishing, watersports, hiking and horseback riding facilities. (Shasta County) (California State Parks) [1080x717]

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"The Pu‘u O‘o", Hawaii. [4032 × 3024]
Serenity. Kayaking in Lake Cresent, Olympic National Park, Washington. [OC] (3024x4032)
I fell in love with Agistri, Greece for the second time [4592 x 3448 OC]
The feet in water - Nevers, France - ( oc ) 3000x6000
A panoramic view of Whaler's Cove on Point Lobos State Reserve, near Monterrey, California.
Sunset in Pereybere beach, Mauritius [4504x3264] [OC]
Absolute Bomber of a Sunrise, Windward O'ahu [3024 × 4032][OC]
Uruguay Sunset! - Montevideo, Uruguay [2412x3217] [OC]
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada [4032 x 3024]
Lago di Livigno, northern Italy [OC][3000x1452]
Sea by the Belle Tout lighthouse, UK, looking like the South of France [OC] [2412x3000]
Yellowstone [oc] [6000 x 4000]
Botany Bay, Kent | [OC] [3345x5946]
Yellowstone. [0c] [ 6000 x 4000]
Glenart River [OC] [ 4000 X 3000 ]
Crystal Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California [OC][7134 × 4110]
A local small park in our town in NY.... Enjoy nature while you can. [OC] [6720X4079]
Lapenkarbach, Zillertal Alps, Austria [OC] [9248x6936]
When the train has passed, we don't catch up with it. Nevers, France - ( oc ) 3000x6000
The bays of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk are truly one of the best whale watching spots
The color of sunlight passing through blue waters. Preveza, Greece [OC] [2000 x 1500]
Krka Spring (Krčić waterfall), Knin, Croatia [OC] [3648x2736]
The Point Reyes Lighthouse is in the Gulf of the Farallones on Point Reyes in Marin
Misti volcano and its reflection on Huito saltpans (+5,000m above sea level), Peru
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