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chinesefood : Haven’t found a good Chinese bakery in my new neighborhood yet.

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Scallion buns
Typical breakfast in China: soy milk (no matter hot or cold), baozi (steamed stuffed
Hainanese glass noodles stir fried with dried mushrooms, dried prawns & pork
A hot day warrants cold noodles for lunch. Homemade alkaline noodles with various
🍅番茄炒蛋🍳 / Top tier comfort food
Chinese bakery bread part 3 - Hot dog buns!
Dan Dan Mian
Beef and Cilantro Congee with Youtiao
Liangmian with Chicken, Fresh Alkaline Noodles, Youlazi, Seasoned Soy Sauce
Chinese blowing sugar candy - chinese street food
I tried to recreate the sauce that comes with Hainanese chicken/pork chops
Chinese street food - meat sandwich
Cantonese chicken and prawn rice noodle soup with prawn oil & traditional
Classic Egg Rolls (recipe in comments)
Szechuan Style Duck Cooked in My Australian Home Kitchen
凉拌黄瓜/cucumber salad
Sichuan Liang Mian (recipe in comments)
My first post! Of course its gonna be dumplings ❤
$1 for this small wontons
加拿大美食作家教你做正宗水煮牛肉Beef Slices in Chili Oil
Black garlic stuffed black sesame roast silkie with black gingerbread black rice
A classic Sichuanese dish: Boiled fish in a seething sea of chiles
Lanzhou spicy beef noodle soup with short rib.
[Homemade] Xiang Gan Rou Si - Fragrant pressed tofu with shredded pork.
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