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AnimalPorn : Greenland Dog Pup (Photo credit to Alex H Pflaum)

user HellsJuggernaut
Kea, Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand (Photo credit to Alex H Pflaum)
Ibex sitting on a mountain.
An ermine emerges from its den to greet the arctic sun.
Resting lion
Great blue heron (Ardea herodias) [OC]
Dad’s Late again (Lion cub)
An Elephantastic pose... (Elephant)
There they are ....You see them? (Wild deers)
A Picture of clouds... Where did this GREEN SEA TURTLE came from?
Grizzly (brown) bear. Jasper National Park (Photo credit to Richard Lee)
Top view of a Humpback whale...Iceland, Scandinavia
Buffalo in the badlands. [oc] [5391 x 3326]
I saw a butterfly tthhhiiiisss big!! (Tiger and her cub)
Mexican Ground Squirrels
Grey heron (Photo credit to Zdenek Machacek)
White throated kingfisher—Hong Kong
Elk in the snow
Rainbow Lorikeets
Bear fishing
A Bear on a Bear
A lioness, jumping over a ditch with her cub!
Infinite Water Snake [OC]
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