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memes : Placebo in a nutshell

user PowerfulOperation8
Let me find my glasses
Based on a true story
This shouldn't be allowed!
I couldn’t resist. Enjoy.
I can't wait until November, I'm terrified :)
For everyone who have cats
Completely cancelled
Licensed Dad Joke
Haha I'm so funny
"Don't mind me guys, keep going"
u humans cheat.
The true power of the avatar
Brain.exe has commit DIE
I had to do this
No one thinks of the poor Arendellians.
I see this as an absolute win
I love Amusement Parks
Quiet kids are too good at roasting
not a furry btw
Where could the armed guy with a hoodie be?
This template is the perfect embodiment of the situation
The music just sounds good
Always has been
Pixel Earth
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