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facepalm : Cops pepper sprayed their own Senator without realizing he's an authority figure

user thewrongun
Bunker Boy
Guy makes a Twitter account and tweets all of Donald Trumps tweets as an experiment.
Some real nice work there. (Forgot to add flair the first time)
A good old-fashioned American!
Well well the turntables.
Thanks America, really cool!
Trump was “just checking” the bunker
I’m still gonna enjoy my Phish Food
Definitely not tear gas.
I’m an American myself and I’ve never thought of buying orange slices like that
When you spend decades villainizing marijuana as a gateway drug.
Dairy Queen employee accused of shitting in the soft serve machine has 71 incidents
Did my job boss
Sacrifice grandma for the dollar, they said
What racism looks like.
Oh thank God
the absolute hypocrisy of some people
I can't believe that actually happened to me...
I heard those crystals give you powers when lodged in your cranium
OK Maureen
Mr. Excuses
Umm... sorry what now?
She didn't deserve it
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