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funny : Today one of my 4th grade students renamed himself "reconecting ..." on our Zoom call and pretended that he was having internet issues to avoid participating in our lesson.
user reddericks
A customer called asking if we were practicing social distancing with her sandwiches.
We've seen the squirrel feeder table, but what about a chicknic table ?
Look at that proud face
My son figured out this trick today!
This is my car which I am very proud of. I parked it next to a Ferrari today.
Sarah Michelle Gellar just posted this on her Instagram. Thought it was pretty funny.
How to properly poke some fun with a living statue
I graduate from my master's program next Sunday so I thought this would be appropriate
Feel the burn
I design ridiculous product ideas, so I created a coffee table that is also a jigsaw
I’m in!
Jokingly wrote 'Toys for Andrew' on my mom's grocery list. I'm 21 years old.
"first day of dog agility trait went great, thank for asking!"
Girlfriend of F1 pilot Charles Leclerc subscribes to his Twitch account to ask him
It's funny because it's true
A restaurant worker drew this on my to go box
Goodbye everyone. It's been good knowing you.
what NPC escort missions feel like
This is what a one carrot diamond looks like
My feelings towards baths, showers, sleeping, relationships, college...
My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick.
Delivered a package this morning. Think I nailed it.
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