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TheCatTrapIsWorking : Caught this foster potato this morning

user NinetteS
It worked! He's no longer trying to sit on what I'm doing.
Three traps
The furriest of spinach
Gino likes to be involved with WFH, so I put this here to keep him off my computer
An unconventional trap, but it'll do.
Simple, yet effective.
Box life
Found the perfect way to stop Pip from interfering with the dice during family game
My 4 poster trap caught 2 in 1!
He thinks he’s so clever
2 for 1 siblings deal
He dragged the box all the way over to me to show me it worked!!
Gamestop only offered me 34 cents for my recent capture.
When I look in to her eyes, all I see is death. She's laid a trap for me.
Cat circle saving the puzzle
I showed my mom this subreddit and she got inspired!
Egg trap
I too have an egg trap
Caught a wild cat
Emptied the trash, came back to this.
Two cats, one trap!
Two in one day how lucky can a guy be.
Please let me out
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