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funny : My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. Buncha comedians in my house...

user narcolepsyinc
Living in an apartment
Welcome to Calculus 101
Gotta get them all confused from an early age
Rock, paper, scissors.
My sister’s school health clinic may need some emoji-education
My 15yo daughter bought this frog thingy at a thrift store and then painted him majestically.
That about sums up the Half Time show
Doesn't even flinch
This map is all over Twitter. Apparently some German guy got bored and tried to name
Shut up and let me love you!
Google Earth is Amazing
Power of makeup :)
People fighting with hand sanitizers behind sport's newscast
Since my bathroom door broke I don’t get to poop alone anymore.
Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO.
Dog in lockdown still needs exercise
My astrophysicists daughter gave me a birthday card
The older I get the younger this guy looks.
Co-worker sent me this... We work at NASA.
General Kenobi
Prof of culture indeed.
I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad
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