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steak : Visited my butcher today

user shroudorshrood
Picanha. Black & Bleu
Sous Vide for 4 hours, then hard seared and butter basted
Australian wagyu beef
My group of friends bought 13lbs of A5
Aus Wagyu Ribeye Marble Score 5
250g with truffle fries
Sous vide NY Strip 🥩
My girlfriend only eats Flank, but tonight I’m not complaining.
Today is gonna be a good day
I decided to have some nice Australian Waygu as my last meal before I started a 24hr
Snake River Farms NY Strip black grade
My first ever reverse seared steak. NY strip, seared and butter basted with garlic
A5 Wagyu in Japan
Best $40 I have ever spent
12 oz NY sirloin topped with a foie gras and goat cheese spread, served with garlic
Campfire steaks
I’m not sure how y’all feel about smothering a ribeye with sautéed mushrooms,
Got my hands on some AA9+ Aussie Wagyu Pichana 🤤
Galician Picanha from Smithfield Market, London. £16 per Kg (~$10 per lb)
Reverse Seared Medium Rare Ribeye
Let the peppers sear with the steaks and was not disappointed. Money shot in comments
New Zealand Wagyu Ribeye - Grass Fed
Dry Aged 44 days
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