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MushroomPorn : Beautiful chicken of the woods. They were longer than my forearm!
user gingerbread3199
UFO or mushroom?
Went mudroom hunting, was not disappointed. Orange Mycena [4879x3279] [OC]
I love me a 'shroom
Was a bit windy today. [4000x6000]
Found this beuty 12 miles deep in wilderness.
My first Bleeding Tooth Fungus! ❤️🦷
A little Mushroomporn for u
Went for a hike and found lot of them.
A M A N I T A [4000x6000]
Mycena epipterygi from DeVoto Grove, Idaho [2560×3840] [OC]
Largest Anamita I’ve ever come across.
Epic formation
Oregon 🧡
Found Santa today 🍄😍
Found it near our farm in Bessé-sur-Braye (France).
Shout out to Puget Sound Mycological Society!
Big fella my dog knocked over while on a hike 🍄
Found this one a week ago
Turkey tail making its home on an old block of wood
Some interesting mushrooms from today's hike.
Found a good place to hide from the rain
Lovely little Amanita
Not sure about you, but I consider this mushroom porn. Taken today at the Fungifest
Was told this sub might like my photos :)
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