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So inspiring
“Child" was all over the news after being spotted smoking at a football match......he's
The real issues:
Told you I am not at all interested in all that food.
Spent 10 minutes snapping pics of my wife so she could have 'the perfect sexy Instagram
Maybe 2020 will be my year?
Cross stitching on a plane...
This is why woman live longer than men
He sent it back to the chef
Destroying the planet one step at a time
Explain this to a kid
The trash can.
My blind friend got engaged yesterday....he’s pretty sure.
My boyfriend told me he didn’t care what shoes I wore shopping
The Avengers 1978 has aged really well
My wife does planks around the house and I come home to this absolute unit of a son.
Guy wakes up in the wrong house!
Happy National Coffee Day
did I waste my life
Funny Shirt
The most creative creative Green Lantern cosplay ever
The 5 stages of software development.
The last thing a craft beer sees before it dies ...
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