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MushroomPorn : I hope you like my mushroom, I didn’t have mush room to take the pic. [OC]

user DeeBeeHD
The Bleeding Tooth
What an awesome sight! UK.
Nice find
A nice group of crumble caps
Black Trumpet
The always beautiful, orange mycena mushroom, they're everywhere right now in MI
Awesome picture of some chicken of the woods I found today!!
Purple mushroom
Family of fungi on the Hermitage Walk, Dunkeld
Chlorociboria Aeruginascens or Green Elf Cups! Found in Columbia County, Oregon at
Amongst the mushrooms
Found the chicken of the woods
Nice little cluster to see on my morning walk
Beautiful chicken of the woods. They were longer than my forearm!
UFO or mushroom?
Went mudroom hunting, was not disappointed. Orange Mycena [4879x3279] [OC]
I love me a 'shroom
Was a bit windy today. [4000x6000]
Found this beuty 12 miles deep in wilderness.
My first Bleeding Tooth Fungus! ❤️🦷
A little Mushroomporn for u
Went for a hike and found lot of them.
A M A N I T A [4000x6000]
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