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carporn : I get a lot of funny looks driving this right-hand drive Hiace in the states

user rouskie15
Rear end of the Lexus LFA
Beautiful day atop the Hakone Turnpike in Japan, looking out at Mt. Fuji
Dodge Charger
Modified Shelby gt500 I found rolling around London
Awesome RS7 Performance in Merlin Purple. @hulk_rs
Impressive beauty Datsun 280Z
Ferrari 812 Superfast
1st supra I've seen in the wild. Absolutely love this color
Lancia in my friends garage, thing is bloody awesome
My auto shop teacher's split window vette
Toyota supra 2JZ
GT350R with the best paint/stipe combo [OC]
The sinister 1960 Cadillac Eldorado
My friend chilling in my custom 160hp '63 Beetle
Subaru WRX STi
Spotted this Porsche GT2 RS today
CLK GTR from the gold rush rally
An older gentleman I work with drove his all-original '67 GT500 to work last week.
Tesla Model S converted to a wagon. Shot at the Geneva Motor Show in March
The definition of car porn. The Singer 'DLS' 911
The 1965 Lincoln Continental
Another angle ‘69 Camaro
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