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WeatherPorn : Well… the weather app did show a cloud icon

user rivetopia
Dusk after a sandstorm in Echuca, Victoria, Australia
A little rain in Southern Ohio
Double Twinned Rainbow above Eindhoven (NL)
Storm front approaches Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (Photo by Silas Baisch)
Battle of the Gods. Taken from my driveway in SLC, UT last night. [3000 x 2250] [OC]
Storm coming in [The Netherlands]
Thunderstorm in LowerSaxony, Germany, yesterday evening
Twister in Wyoming (Photo by Nikolas Noonan)
This image from CNN looks like a cloud formation sponsored by surf board maker RipCurl
[1242x660] Lucky Lightning shot from an iPhone, near Haxtun, CO
Taken earlier at Holden Beach, NC
Storm came in today
Clouds about to consume boats [OC]
Electrical Storm, Sexsmith, Canada (Photo by Max Larochelle)
Over Cincinnati, Ohio
Storm heading my way in North Dakota
Pretty neat clouds Sunday!
Crazy clouds in Japan
Long exposure shot of lightning over Colorado Springs Photo credit to David Moum)
Noctilucent cloud outbreak over Europe (June 2019) [1280x853]
Storm rolling through upstate NY.
Storm Rolling into Marseilles IL
Yesterday evening in Belgium
Colorado [OC]
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