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Somebody told me that Bengals aren't good cats to cuddle with. Khari thinks differently.
Some lady paid me 150 dollars to watch her cat for a month, just to abandon him.
My cat isn’t allowed on the counter, but he likes to push our limits.
My sister’s cat follows me everywhere, here’s a video of her following me to
Professional Shower supervisor
Neighbour's cat doesn't seem too happy about our new microchip cat flap keeping her
I was never a cat guy. When my girlfriend dumped me and left me with this little
What were the odds?
After trying to kill each other for the past half hour they’ve decided it’s now
We rescued this guy from the shelter, think he's happy to have a forever home?
My fav picture of my three cats.
One of the barn cats went missing months ago. We figured a coyote or fox had gotten
Drew a nice picture of a cat on my iPad the other day. Black background with only
He just HAD to watch as I chopped onions for my dinner.
He watches me scroll on Reddit before sleepy time!
Happy Halloween from Señor Roberto 👻
My cat admiring my pregnant wife
It's okay to be different
12+ hours, 3 manholes covers and 1 ladder later. Meet Lucky.
This is Misfit. He is 18. He was my first wife’s cat, and became mine when she
Somebody left this baby boy in a cardboard box by my house. He’s mine now. I named
It has begun
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