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dogpictures : Spring is slowly turning my dog into a simpson

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My dog knows he is more photogenic than me. Not even mad.
Today, we lost the most loved member of our family. His name is Bernie and life will
This is my love, Dixie. We found her ten years ago wandering in the middle of the
This is Ben. Today his favourite toy went in for repair, and he’s pretty happy
We found her infested with lice on the curb 3 months ago. Her name is Sky and she
A redditor's doggo I painted. He's so sweet! 😍
My girl Ava well in doggie heaven sister.
My old gal caught red-handed digging in the yard a few months ago. Enjoy the Rainbow
My sweet girl (right) is officially cancer free! Her little (big) brother never left
If a cute girl can get a thousand upvotes how much can my doggo get
Goober is finally cancer free, and ready for another cookie
Luna’s Sonata 🎼
Buddy did so good at the groomers yesterday!
My Airbnb came with bonus good boy
My childhood friend died today after a surprise bout of not fun stuff. Wherever you
We just rescued this 12 year old chunk from the shelter. Her name is Nutella. 😍
Flynn isn't the biggest fan of bathtime
What a happy story!
Rescued from a shady puppy mill at 12 weeks. Survived a nasty bout of parvo at 13
This is Jax. He has a bow tie, and loves to pose.
This Goodest of Bois came into my life 5 years ago today, it changed me for the better.
4 years ago, we adopted Ruthie from a Rottweiler rescue. We’re pretty sure she’s
I walked into my living room, didn’t see my girl so I called her name and this
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