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AdviceAnimals : Used to work at a supermarket. We had to push carts outside in 110-120° heat. A coworker at the time did this.

user jlopez24
We don't live in the safest neighborhood
Living in California, it's probably seen as a hate crime.
When the EU says we can't use copyrighted images in memes.
I have always hated my overnight employee.
Seems like Russians figured out something major here
Confession Kitty
Is this why people are workaholics?
A lot of sex talk. A lot.
Every. Single. Website.
Congratulations new mom!
I know you have to monetize that shit... but for God's sake....
But hey, you tried ❤️
Been almost five years but she still looked like a bitch
2012: Reddit says Boycott the World Cup, 2018: GOAALLLLLLLLLLLLL
Looks like I'm staying inside today
Please don't be that person
So good.
Some of y'all are weird okay?
Thanks dude, you're the best
She deserved it.
Our fucking scumbag housemate
Seriously, fuck all companies that do this.
Smack dab in the middle of a 10AM-10PM shift yesterday...
Middle school yearbook photographers are years ahead of the rest of the world when
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