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likeus : Huskies sharing food.
user gugulo
Two Good Boys playing a friendly game of teatherball
Dog apologizes for doing a bad thing
Glorious achoo!
He figured out where I hide my hair ties
Cat has a brain freeze
Working smart!
Young gorilla Ndazi hugs Virunga park ranger Andre
Baby goat bedtime with piggy
Dragonlord the pig loves a cuddle
The most adorable hop of all time
When it’s your birthday but you know you’re getting old
Dog uses flashlight on her nightly walks
Clever raccoon vs bird feeder
When you finally pick that booger that's been bugging you all day
Like this
Dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention, if this isn’t intelligent
Me Exactly
I wouldn't mind being paid in treats
True love always finds a way
Hearing the same thing over and over again...
Penguin chasing a butterfly
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