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Otters : Otters are brave
user toddjunk
I just turned buddhist hoping I'll be an otter in my next life.
The cutest needle felting otter ♥️
Saw these little guys today!
What you can't hear: me squealing
Well hello there
I love this sound
How to get fish from humans
I was told to post my cake here, originally on r/baking. Otter themed wedding cake!
This otter has an upvote shaped nose.
River otters at the beach
OldSchoolCool otter
Chasing his tail!
Lil squish
Boopable otter!
This is James, an orphaned river otter
otter blep
I'm not into Starbucks, but I did think this was kinda cool...
Otter loves playing with water
He needs this suit for his space trip, he's going to otter space.
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