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EarthPorn : Best waterfalls in the states? Oregon, in my opinion.. [OC] [2400 x 3000]

user nathanielthewise
Woke up at 5 AM to shoot this characteristic tree in foggy conditions, The Netherlands
Plitvice Lakes Croatia [OC] 4288X2848 It took 3 days to finally get a slight break
When you get to the top and it was so worth it.. Looking across the valley at Mount
Different Perspective From Kirkjufell Mountain Exploding With Aurora, Iceland [1920x1280][OC]
Calm winter morning, Washington State [OC] [2400 x 3000]
3 Hour Sunset, Iceland [OC][2200x1424]
My first solo backpacking adventure. Krang Shuri, Meghalaya, India. [OC] [2268x2835]
When the world turns pink. Sunset amongst the snow clad trees at Riisitunturi National
Zion is technically a desert, yet it is home to some of the most beautiful vegetation
Northern Argentina was full of amazing scenery [OC] [2000x3000]
This is my favorite shot I've ever taken in Glacier National Park. [OC][2560*1707]
Moonset Milky Way over Second Beach, WA [OC] [3750 x 5000]
One of the coolest places I've been. A waterfall feeding into a mossy rock passage
Leavenworth doesn't just have amazing bratwursts, it's also one of the best places
My Heaven is a half pipe, Yosemite National Park [OC][5472×3648]
I was one of two people who got to witness the surf from yesterday's nor'easter hit
Golden hour on the Oregon Coast.. a peaceful evening. [OC] [3200 x 4000]
Probably the most scenic overlook I have ever been to. Opabin Prospect, Lake O'Hara,
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland [OC] [4160x3120]
Followed a water stream through the forest till I found this view, then waited for
Winter sunset from Washington State[OC][1080x1350]
Fall in the North Cascades. No bugs, no people, ripe huckleberries.. doesn't get
Norwegian wintermoon [OC] [3738x2670]
The Milky Way setting during blue hour over the Allegheny Mountains, WV [OC][2048x1365]
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