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dogpictures : After a battle with Lyme’s disease, 15 year old Clyde is still alive and kicking!

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Local dog escaped and made his way to school
Mox wants everyone to see how good she is at catch🥇
3 Months vs 7 months. Meet Frank!
Our furry mountain friend for 3 days while hiking in Peru. We called her Miski
13 years of unconditional love is more than I could have ever wished for.
Today is my birthday. Toby is less-than-enthused about his role in the festivities
I see your unenthusiastic birthday pup and raise you with my enthusiastic birthday
Timmy 9 years apart. His flaps are starting to sag, and his elbows are dysplastic
Good boy relaxing at the vet office!
Today would have been her birthday, she passed last September.
After losing my best friend of 15 years we added a new member to the family. Reddit
I lost the best friend I'll ever have on Monday, 3/5/18. He taught me everything
RIP Choky. Best friend for 14 years. So cuddly.
It looks like my golden retriever, Tucker, is smiling LOL
Our pretty girl Coda passed suddenly and with no warning in her sleep at the age
I sing to her in the morning before I leave to work. She has a favorite spot where
“Hey man! I see you’re eating some strawberries...”
The look of pure joy on his face when I got home from work
My dad rescued this girl from an abuser who kept her for breeding. Say hello to Molly.
This beautiful man took his last breath in my arms tonight. Rest peacefully my dude
absolute unit
This good boy graduated from his Beginner’s Training Class this weekend
I said goodbye to my best friend. He taught me more than I can ever explain and I
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