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dogpictures : Who even needs a body with a head that cute?

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My handsome boy enjoying our hike
They’re only a part of your life, but you are all of theirs. Said goodbye to friend
Said goodbye to my sweet girl after 15 years. She was the kindest soul I'll ever
This is skeeter, he came to live with me three days ago. I think he decided to stay.
This is Finley. He carries my husbands socks around when he is missing him.
My wife just sent this to me with no context
Dad sent me this. Looks like Dezel's ready to disco.
She's feeling all 12 years today...
He's a suspected bait dog, was thrown from a moving car, and has ringworm. This doesn't
This is what Lephty thinks of Valentine's Day!
We adopted a dog today and I’ve never seen a sweeter face. 😍
Our buddy, Murphy, who recently passed away.
Snuggly boys
Thunder, my family's dog is being put down tomorrow. I'm in college across the country
My brother just got a puppy, meet Aspen
This guy is too much. I know I’m biased, but that face....
Our old boy with his grey beard
My goodboy is getting old now. Greys all over
After a battle with Lyme’s disease, 15 year old Clyde is still alive and kicking!
Local dog escaped and made his way to school
Mox wants everyone to see how good she is at catch🥇
3 Months vs 7 months. Meet Frank!
Our furry mountain friend for 3 days while hiking in Peru. We called her Miski
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