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hardcoreaww : Protective mother
user JerryfromTomandJerry
A big cat is still a cat
Brown bear family in Finland
Lots of spots
Tiny prancing musk ox
Rawr :3!
Cheetah family
Polar bear chillin
Giant floof paws
Careful, little one
Adopted cub yawning while receiving a bath from his new mom.
Smile, kids!
Caught by a sunbeam
Took this photo 10 years ago, just rediscovered it
Siberian tiger couple cuddling in the snow
The cutest little death machine
Wolf mom giving the side-eye
Baby Asian elephant blazing a trail
Moms make the best logs.
Leopards playing pat-a-cake
On the coast of British Columbia a mutation causes some black bears to be born white.
Baby elephant following mum
Morning yoga bear
Watchful cougar mum
No, mom! Stop!
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