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steak : Came across this on Instagram and thought this sub would get a laugh out of it.

user paup_fiction
Big tray of Texas angus/wagyu cross breed steaks.
This butcher has some incredible beef
Tomahawk sliced
Steak and some other stuff
Yeah, slice that ribeye
Behold the 1940's cartoon steak
She laughed when I said "Hold on! I need a picture for /r/steak!" but I
It’s never ok
Smoked ribeye
Almost felt bad paying only $12 for this “choice” ribeye
42 million pixels of Japanese A5 Wagyu tenderloin and striploin (zoom in for max
In a sub loaded with ribeyes, T-bones, and strips, any love for the petite filet
Am I dreaming?
Hanger of the gods
Beef Wellington
When the family says they want steaks for dinner, the family gets steaks for dinner
Ribeye reverse seared over charcoal
So someone decided to make fun of us in a Gif.
I've been trying to do a better job at eating breakfast.
Flavor is IN the crust
Wish me luck boys. Going in for the reverse sear.
Morning cuts
This came in as choice grade flap meat
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