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dogpictures : Not too many Irish Wolfhounds on Reddit, so here is my mum's new puppy Finn

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RIP, Robbie. You were a lover up until the very end. We miss you.
He always makes the sweetest faces
My dad hid Atticus's favorite ball a year ago for squeaking too much. He found it
This sub needs more giant schnauzers
Mom sent me this today, ever since I left for college she checks my room every hour
Good lookin boy
I'm biased on how cute she is!
She loves the mountains
This is my dog nephew. He is a giant goob.
She came out of the woods looking like Mike Tyson.
My dogs just love each other too much... that or they're stupid lol
Five comfy beds in the house and this is how he sleeps
1st Beach experience
My boyfriend sends me snaps of every dog he encounters during his day and that's
White Fang trying to make sure she gets as close as possible after being separated
The face my dog made when I took her picture
Step 1: Adopt /// Step 2: Cure /// Step 3: LOVE.
My best puppy boy :)
Walter graduated from training school today. Couldn't be more proud
We adopted Jake from a Miami shelter in January. He may be a senior, but he’s never
Reddit...Meet our awesome new buddy...BOOMER!
Benny, our 10 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy.
My new rescue Nani :)
Good boy! Starting to get his energy back after he had a large tumor removed from
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