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geologyporn : People in special containment suits explore the massive beams of selenite inside the Cave of Crystals in Naica mine [1900 × 1264]

user RyanSmith
Geode Miners [3264x2448]
I use various gemstones to make jewelry, labradorite is my favorite [4032x3024]
Nice little chunk of Aquamarine [4032x3024]
Gneiss with embedded garnet crystals. The garnets are about 3mm across. Found in
Grape Agate [1080x1350] (x-post r/geometryisneat)
Cumengite Star [620x590] (x-post r/geometryisneat)
Tourmaline from Pederneira Mine [736 x 1276]
Cool Ptygmatically folded rock I found
I know everybody seems to have a hard on for the purpleypink Labradorite flashes
Not sure if this qualifies as Geoporn but I'll take a crack at it. A broken Moeraki
This ammonite's agatized chambers are 'nsfw', to a geophile😉 [OC] [1440x1812]
Nearly 10 centimetre Almandine Garnet with Biotite Reaction Rim and Altered Core!
Fault Rupture created by 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, New Zealand. [/r/HumanForScale][962x613]
Garnet [1600 × 900]
Tiny carnelians, found at Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco,
Huge Amethyst heart at. Local shop. It’s about 3-4 feet wide. [OC]
My new azurite specimen😍...a result of a weak moment on CyberMonday.
Copper deposit from a surface vein in Central Idaho
Subglacially erupted columnar basalt at Cape Felix, Suemez Island, southeastern Alaska
Soft Bed of Amethysts [1108 x 765]
Beautiful erosion at work [4032 x 3024]
You guys might appreciate what I found near Nanfangao, Taiwan [OC][3456 x 5184]
Dendritic agates
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