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food : [Homemade] 10 hour smoked brisket
user DonovanMD
[I ATE] Mole enchiladas.
[I ate] Marble chocolates
[Homemade] pizza with pepperoni, ricotta, and a garlic butter parmesan crust
Earl grey dark chocolate truffles [homemade]
[Homemade] Buffalo Hot Wings
[I ate] a Sushi Burger
[Homemade] Shepherd's Pie
[I Ate] Shoyu ramen with black garlic oil, and other stuff.
[I ate] dumplings
[homemade] rainbow cake for a one year old to smash everywhere!
[Homemade] Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies
[Homemade] pepperoni and cheese stuffed pretzel, topped with dehydrated garlic.
[Homemade] Peach Pop Tarts
[I ate] a Bear Claw
[Homemade] Mongolian Beef Ramen
[Homemade] Smoked pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and habanero BBQ sauce.
[Homemade] Barbecue Mac and Cheese with smoked Ribs
[Homemade] Chicken Parm Sandwich
[I ate] Koi shaped mango pudding
[Homemade] Mi Vit Tiem - Vietnamese duck noodle soup
[Homemade] Sourdough Bread
[Homemade] Salted Caramel Fudge
[Homemade] Pizza made with fresh mozzarella and a garlic/olive oil/salt brushed crust.
[Homemade] Lionfish Sashimi
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