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funny : Reddit's Immigrants
user iH8myPP
Trash Panda’s got a trick for the kitties
Had my leg amputated and my brother shows up to the hospital dressed as a pirate
The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport
Happy birthday to you!
Guys will understand
Something about pumped up kicks?
My dog realized she can stand in the pool
The picture NASA doesn't want you to see.
Football players found out their coach used to dance for M.C. Hammer, made him do
Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse
Conor McGregor got his newborn son a 3-piece suit for the big fight.
Good news, everybody! The solar eclipse glasses I ordered a month ago finally came!
My daughter has been picking her own clothes and watching her big brother get on
I knew that the car we used to draw in kindergarten does exist.
Miami is a Mario Kart track now
"Near Misses Throughout History"
4 days without a cigarette and a co-worker told me to "come back in a year"
This real Ron Swanson
Utah ski resort gets a 1 Star review from a guy in Los Angeles because the mountain
It’s been a stealthy three months
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