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food : [I ate] Matcha-Milk Swirl Ice Cream in a Taiyaki

user grumpyroach
[I ate] Chinese Peking Duck in a Chinese pancake, with hoisin sauce and scallions.
Potato, carrot, chorizo, sweet corn hash with fried eggs, scallions and parsley [Homemade]
[Homemade] Seared Sea Scallops with Lemon Herb Butter
[Homemade] Steak and eggs
[Homemade] Antipasto Platter
[Homemade] Unicorn and Dinosaur cookies.
[I Ate] a lb of Carne Asada with house made Chorizo and Grilled Nopales
[Homemade] Breakfast sugar cookies
[Homemade] Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan
[Homemade] Starry night Macarons
[I ate] Peach stuffed French toast
[Homemade] Red blood cell cupcakes! Made for my lab buddies
[I ate] a meringue ice cream cake that looks like a giant toasted marshmallow
[I Ate] an Avocado Bomb: spicy tuna inside fresh crab inside avocado topped with
[Homemade] Cajun chicken pasta
[Homemade] Crawfish boil!
[I ate] Mac N Cheese Donut
[I ate] Szechuan fried chicken bao sandwich with Chinese black vinegar blaze, mayo,
Tom Cruise Macarons (Vanilla Sky) [homemade]
[Homemade] Two tiered naked cake
Rib tips, smoked over applewood, sauced, then caramelized. [Homemade]
[I ate] This medium rare 55 day aged sirloin steak with duck fat parmesan and garlic
[I ate] Mochi with a creamy pineapple filling
[homemade] White chocolate ganache drip galaxy cake.
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