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dogpictures : Taking a bath when I'm home "alone"
user tbotcotw
TFW you're a 5 month old puppy but already majestic
This groom is over 900 on our business Instagram this morning! I did this yesterday
Took my girl on a hike, I think she was pleased
The extremely rare Finnish Snow-Pawed Mongoose!
The definition of a good girl (yes she is)
Murphys first day home. 😁
His first time at the beach
Feliz Naughty Dog
These are my dogs. There are many like them but these ones are mine.
This is how she lays on every car trip we take
We were taking family photos and the photographer snapped this of our dog just being
112 dog years
I woke up to the sound of scratching at my door. I do not have a dog.
This is how we sit πŸ˜‚
"I don't want a big dog!" "That dog is not coming in the house!"
First and last day together.
My sweet babushka
This big girl turns 9 years old today!
Daisy likes to wear things and be told she's pretty
I have 1264 photos on my phone and 1260 of them are of Jeff.
17 years old. Sadly his health is deteriorating fast recently
she will sit as close as physically possible to you just so you'll pet her
My dog looks like he should be on a movie poster.
So in love with these guys ❀🐢🐢
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