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AdviceAnimals : This is so out of the norm parenting these days. She gained so much respect from me.

user Krakengreyjoy
There's so much room for activities.
Martin Shkreli has a bride in hell
RIP you condescending bastard
The Philadelphia Zoo has an upcoming naming contest for its newborn gorilla
I'm 31 now. Been doing this occasionally since I was 5. And it's still a magical
Good Guys Robin & Nancy Wainwright (Largest In ~70 years)
That's not how this works, and no more parties with co-workers for us.
Frugal librarian bequeathed $4m to Univ of New Hampshire. School uses $1m of it to
Good Guy Police Chief
They're both kind of assholes...
I know my family...
A drunk college girl crashed into my car during lunch...
It saves us like $80 a month and makes her very happy
Shout-out to the CEO of Laughing Planet!
Got to look at the bright side!
Elon Musk is using reddit to teach his new AI
Ken Bone, everyone
As a guy, when I randomly find myself walking behind a single woman late at night
Credit Union here I come.
Well fuck
My Lyft driver saved me from being severely crippled or even dead at age 29
Most Important Thing To Remember Tonight
Don't talk to me or my bank account ever again
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