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Raccoons : Peekaboo
user FL_Sportsman
This is what she does all day.
She has some really odd sleeping habits.
Raccoon makes a terrible mistake. [x-post /r/aww]
Somebody is getting a little too big for piggy back rides
Is this for me?
We got our eyes on you.
mmmm peanut butter
Painting of a raccoon and corn my friend made.
She can be so cute...when she's asleep
Found this happy dude/gal while walking through a nature reserve in S. Florida.
Stan Leigh and friends
I've been seeing two baby raccoons on my campus quite frequently. I managed to get
This Raccoon themed pajama pants
Trash Panda FTW
This lovely man has near-daily videos of him feeding raccoons on his porch. He says
My New Tattoo
Taking a nap
Underground, Moscow
Climbed 15 feet to get a snack.
I made, uh, this.
Baby raccoon at my house.
So-Crates and Sadie watching Sunday football.
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