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BotanicalPorn : Mushrooms & Ferns [600×794]
user MooseBear
Got lucky this morning: Frozen Dew Cubes on a Clover Leaf (Unknown Trifolium) [1540
Cookeina Speciosa (Fungi) [480x640]
How amazing would it be to sit on a Victoria Waterlily of Argentina? 740x471]
Botanical Apartment Therapy in Phuket, Thailand [980x736]
A trees root system merges with a brick walkway [1280x960]
For the last 500 years, the locals of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India have grown several
Variegated Rose [725x800]
Don't let yourself believe that botanyporn is only pretty flowers and such. For the
World's shiniest living thing: African Fruit Pollia Condensata [1800x1202]
Japanese wisteria.  Ashikaga Flower Park in the Tochigi Prefecture of Japan. [1200x797]
32,000 year old seeds excavated from an Arctic Ground squirrel's burrow sprout the
Dahlia edged with frost, Germany [738 x 480 px]
Wild tulips [1024X704]
Waterdrops acting as a natural lens, all refracting the same flower (orange area
A botanical apartment complex in Thailand. [720x492]
Japanese fire-tree in Washington. [550x825]
Underwater Mangrove Tree Cross-post from /r/Pics [1366x768]
The 400 year old Bonsai that survived the Hiroshima Bombing [2268 x 1509] (x-post
Spiral Succulent [1200x1800][OC]
Early morning frost covering a marigold [1000x898]
Daisies growing straight out of the rock at 13,000ft [1600x1067] [OC]
Wind blown tree [1296x864]
Gnome penthouse in the Netherlands [1723x2586]
Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Germany [603x900] photo by Marcel Bednarz
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