Open Ima

My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover
A short story
Guardians of the Front Page
She did her best ok?
Gas station worker takes precautionary measures after customer refused to put out
This house ain’t big enough for the six of us
They what???
They DID It ! They actually did it ! Battle of Josh
The conversation my son and I will have on Christmas Eve.
I feel privileged
The Denver Broncos have the entire town of ‘South Park’ in the stands for today’s
We are doomed
Who's Donald Biden?
Just increased my car’s value by 1 billion dollars
My grandma wanted some “creative” grad photos of my friend since we’re graduating
I drew all the boys together and i did it for the internet
uncanny resemblance
Today one of my 4th grade students renamed himself "reconecting ..." on
Finland op
Reddit's Immigrants
Wait I didn't mean it like that
What a shame
It took so many hours
Sheep in Human Clothing
Simpsons predicted it yet again
I took a few shots at Lake Louise today and Google offered me this panorama:
My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said
"Are you sure you want to go back to the Old Version?"
15 years from now
These damn ads are what did it!
Placebo in a nutshell
Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral!
Wait I didn't mean it like that
Captain Holt is best boi
You think you are sad
It was fun doe
Team monke
Cops pepper sprayed their own Senator without realizing he's an authority figure
I get an email every time I get a package delivered to my apartment’s mailroom.
That's the reason behind all these
UPDATE. EA announces plans for next gen controller.
Don't be mad
These are confusing times
Always has been
"Where's your mask?" prank
That's a 5 stars from me
Please enjoy this video of me getting rocked by a trash can.
Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home
Wow, someone knows we exist
Prof of culture indeed.
Look who's laughing now
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