Open Ima

[I ate] a taco box
[Pro/Chef] “Raspbaby Yoda” Raspberry Pie
[Homemade] Blackberry-Lemon Cheesecake
[Pro/Chef] Mirror Glazed Mousse Cake
[Homemade] cheesecake with buttercream frosting
[Homemade] Homer Simpson Cake
French Fry Board
[Homemade] Kraken Pie
[PRO/CHEF] Texas Barbecue Platter
[Homemade] Crunchwrap Supreme
[Homemade] Cherry/Blueberry Bunny Pie
[i ate] a classic NYC slice
[Homemade] Grandmas delicious 21 layer jello.
[Homemade] Chicken Tikka Masala with homemade Garlic Naan
[Homemade] Apple Pie
[I ate] Soufflé Pancakes with Soft Serve Ice Cream
[Homemade] Honey Macarons
I’m only 37 and a half and I made this cheeseburger with chips.
[Homemade] The United States of Christmas Cookies
[Homemade] Breakfast sugar cookies
My croissant journey over the past month!
[Homemade] Tonkotsu Ramen with Chashu Pork
Vietnamese Egg Cakes
[I ate] A freshly made stroopwafel
My mom's little banh mi shop. Almost every topping is made by my parents, we're in
My son wanted pizza and we ran out of frozen pizza so I made him one completely from
[Homemade] Steak Fajitas
[MISC]'Mr. Paul' has passed today, he inspired a whole generation of cooks and held
[I Ate]: Spaghetti ice cream - base layer of cream, covered with vanilla ice cream
[Homemade] Focaccia
[I Ate] Baguette sandwiches
[Homemade] Fried Chicken Sandwich
[Homemade] Pepperoni Pizza
[Homemade] Brownies
[Homemade] Donuts (filled with guava, vanilla custard, and chocolate ganache)
Fresh donuts from my grandpa's bakery
[Homemade] Lionfish Sashimi
[Homemade] Cherry Vanilla French Toast, sage sausage, cheddar chive scrambled, garlic
I ate sushi in the tub while my gf is away after she said to never eat food in there.
[Homemade] 887 Handmade ravioli, a 100+ year old Christmas tradition
[homemade] cheeseburger n fries
[Homemade] Bacon Cheeseburger
My parents sent me some eggs from their pet chickens and I turned them into this!
[Homemade] Spicy Miso Ramen with Duck
[Homemade] Butter chicken with garlic naan
Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken Platter
[I Ate] this Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich.
[Homemade] Bet It All On Black Garlic Burger
[Homemade] Lemon Cupcakes with Blueberry Buttercream
[Homemade] Cactus Cupcakes
[Homemade] Indian chicken curry with naan and cilantro mint chutney
[I ate] a barbecue sampler
[homemade] hot chicken sandwich w special spicy sauce on a homemade milk bun
[Homemade] Pop-Tarts! Strawberry & Brown Sugar Cinnamon
[I ate]My cappuccino came with a tiny ice cream
[i ate] Fluffy bouncy pancakes
[I ate]Honey from my harvest
[Homemade] A whale of a cake
[homemade] Rainbow Fruit Tart
[Homemade] Fresh Tagliatelle, Butter Poached Lobster, Morel-Lobster Cream Sauce
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