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Epstein!- Upvote this picture so that it’s the second thing people see when they
Epstein ! Upvote this picture so it’s the third picture you see when you google
Epstein ! Upvote this picture so it’s the third picture you see when you google
The White House deleted this official photo. Captain Fake Spray Tan in all of his
Laura Ingraham. Upvote this image so it's the first photo you see when you google
Upvote if you want to impeach:
"All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing"
Will Americans learn from this?
Tweet from the advisor of president of Iran
Upvote me and get a video in your DM 🍑😇
This is what class warfare looks like.
Don't let china censor Reddit
The Trump Economy
Donald Trump is a criminally negligent president.
Politicians aren't pop stars
Epstein! Upvote this picture so it's the fourth picture you see when you Google Donald
Tax Billionaires. They can afford it.
Congratulations President Trump!
Well done Denmark. The rest of the world should take note.
Never Forget
Biggest piece of shit in the country.
"It is not individual action or consumption that is causing climate change,
Idk guys this healthcare thing is so complex and radical
Fuck this guy
Trump supporters don't understand the concept of hypocrisy.
Lindsay Graham doesn't want you to share his image with the white supremacist leader
Boomer economics.
Never forget that Trump and his cult are responsible for making the USA the worst
DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN- The Republicans lied, tricked, and pushed American into an
STILL the biggest piece of shit in the country.
Business owner slams corporate media for misleading them about Bernie Sanders
Bernie: US billionaires are $282 billion richer as 22 million lost their jobs in
I saw this man with a sign in Washington yesterday...
Bernie Sanders always has the receipts
Corona Irony.
Do you ?
America’s President Everybody
U.S. taxpayers gave $400 Billion dollars to cable companies to provide the United
Being poor in America is expensive
Obama was all class and integrity.
That's a great fucking question
It's immoral for a company that receives a bailout from the taxpayers to gift a bonus
This is corruption out in the open.
America can do it
So True......
Capitalists thrive on misery.
Welcome to United States of 2019
He has a point
Greatest country in the world!
AOC proven right: Amazon expands into NYC without taking billions in public cash
Thanks Obama
VP Pence and other official White House staff engaging in prayer against coronavirus.
So do you think the economy would be better if the people were given $13k each or
And Joe Biden says Millennials have it easy.
We in the USA owe the rest of the world a Bernie Sanders presidency
Trump eliminated the position that made sure America was prepared for a pandemic
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