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Mangoworms are the kings of Trypophobia
[NSFL] [NSFW] Rotting yellowish man covered in pores
Adding salt to freshly cut muscle causes spasms
I ate too many sour candies, and my tongue decided to shed a layer.
My skin graft after splashing 400 degree oil over my hand. Can’t look at it anymore
Not sure if you guys allow memes here, but I just found this sub and figured you
Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction
Sperm whales do not have teeth in their upper jaw. Instead they have sockets that
This wrinkly mold I found growing in a bowl outside.
Do you like my Halloween costume?
Heard y'all like holes
I wanted a cherry pie for myself so I made this pie for my trypophobia husband
This glitch in mlb always gets me.
this tongue stuck to a pole
The death of caterpillars “infected” by parasitoid wasps so disturbed Charles
This tattoo artist does this style on the regular.
Hair transplant
Kidney Stones
This X-ray of someone with hyperdontia, or extra teeth. Cringe.
Beans left in the microwave for A WHILE.
Yummy pizza dough
Cockroaches hatching
This woodpecker's acorn stash in a granary tree (photo by Lorraine Bruno from the
SFX with wax worms for extra creep factor
Some weird skin thing that developed on my foot
Woodpecker stores acorns.
Ticks on a snake
Oh no
The Surinam Toad gives birth out of it's back and now my skin is crawling.
These extreme stretch marks.
The makeup I've been practicing for Halloween
Close up of dogs paw pads
Seashell piece I found on the beach
I got a FUE hair transplant. This was what it looked like the next day. AMA
Tattoo removal gone wrong
Barnacle croc found on the beach
My leg condition
What a great commute
My Girlfriend’s monster dandruff flake
"Child, why do you scream?"
Halloween special FX 😳
Eye can't unsee
Coins in a tree I passed by on a hike.
Tarantula Molt. Happy nightmares!
Plucking chickens and trypophobia starts to tingle. Gross
Makes my skin crawl
The inside of a human bone
i’m a makeup artist and made this :)
Pie crusting technique to avoid needing skin graft
Horse foot after hoof cap is removed.
Guy removing leeches from arm
NSFW - buckwheat kernels grew from skin
This strawberry my mum found in her garden..
Makeup I did today
This bread that was served at dinner.
The mouth of this snake.
I was told this would go over well here. I'm sorry.
Mac and cheese pork loaf...
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