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I visited North Korea recently, these are some of the photos.
Taken with a phone out of my hotel window in Venice... and no boats!
Taking a ride on the Bernina Express through the Alps
Wife and I hate big social events and love traveling. So rather than a normal wedding,
The exact moment I took a step too close to the border between North and South Korea
Splurged on a hotel in Patagonia
Wandering around Kyoto at night
First view of Lauterbrunnen Valley from the train. Everyone gasped.
I heard this place had stunning views but I just wasn't prepared for this. My Jaw
Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and there just happened to be a rainbow over
If you're on a road trip in California the next month or so, check out what the rain
Exploring the Italian Alps in my Fiat 500
Currently on month 5 during my solo-worldtrip. Shot this picture in the Himalayas
The most incredible border between Vietnam & China
Not as exotic as most destinations posted here, but still just as beautiful - Seven
Bali, Indonesia GIF
Got the all-clear to travel within Switzerland — empty train with a great view.
My $2 room view in Ghorepani, Nepal.
One of my favorite pics from Kyoto, Japan. Felt like a scene from Lord of the Rings.
We stayed overnight on Miyajima, a little shrine island near Hiroshima, Japan. Though
This bridge turned 300 years old in 2017! No wonder the village of Carrbridge, Scotland
Just got back from driving 35,000 kilometres across North America over 6 months.
New Mexico/Colorado border.
If you were paragliding in the Lauterbrunnen Valley today I may have snapped your
I spent four days camping out in the remote Algerian Sahara - just me and a local
I visited in Mosul, Iraq (I'm just a normal traveler)
First time Athens today and definitely fell in love with this city
The view outside the door in my Airbnb on the Isle of Skye, our closest neighbor
I rarely see pics of Africa here. So here a kind reminder of how beautiful the continent
How not to be a tourist 101. As a Canadian I am ashamed and embarrassed. Don't be
Train ride into Lungren, Switzerland
Took a trip to Germany this summer. Rothenburg was definitely a place to remember...
My first view of Switzerland from the train.
After 4 days of trekking over the Salkantay pass to get to Machu Picchu, I woke up
My favorite meal in Germany - Lunch in the Bavarian Alps
Does anybody feel like going to a grocery store of a country you're visiting is one
View from my bed in an AirBNB in Beatenberg, Switzerland
5am in Prague
Over the years I've posted quite a bit of pics here, from my travels to Asia. I thought
After seeing a video on YouTube, my wife promised she’d take me to an alpine slide
My amazing private villa in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for $28
I went to North Korea in 2016 and took this picture from the top of the Juche Tower
The Serengeti absolutely blew my mind away
Morning hike on the island of Capri
Would you believe me if I told you this was Iraq?
This weekend, it snowed for the first time in years in Amsterdam, making a walk around
Had to vacation in my home country this year. I am okay with it. Romsdalen, Norway
Borders are still closed, but travel inside the country is encouraged. View from
I recently visited North Korea. This is the country's main highway during rush hour.
My POV from the peak of Montana Machu Picchu
I broke out of my comfort zone and explored London solo. It’s not much to some,
Just another roadside attraction!!! Låtefossen, Norway. (OC)
Pic I took of a suspension bridge in the mountains of Wakayama, Japan
Our Airbnb balcony in Catalan (everything on the table is local, costing less than
Milan - Prettiest shopping centre in the world?
Went to Edinburgh and it was amazing. The architecture of the buildings was mind
My "land before time" experience at Angels Landing
You can cross the Sahara by hopping an Iron Ore train
Breakfast in Cappadocia yesterday
Every day I was in Cappadocia, Turkey I woke up at 4:30 AM to sip coffee and watch
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