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Mods are asleep, post actual transformation. (Shape -> Shape)
We are all a little bit messed up
Gender-Bender Hentai
Grip Training (F human -> M gorilla)
Weekly Questions Thread #65: The "god I wish that were me" 'meme' is pretty
Daily Life as a Monster Girl TG [M Human -> F Lamia; Monster Girl] by theTransformistress
A Potion to Cure Feminization [MTF/TGTF; Breast Expansion] - goroudx
Ain't That a Bitch? [MTF/TGTF; Bitch TG/Bitchification, Mental Changes, Reality Shift]
It’s low effort trash
New Contract [M Humans -> F Succubus/Demon Girls MTF/TGTF] by chesshire88
Switched [MTF/FTM/TGTF, App TF, Reality Change] by chesshire88
Mei Transformation Sequence {Animation} [F Human -> F Slime/Goo Symbiote Girl]
Transformation Mask [M Human -> F Human] by Megazone23/Megazone23pt2
You're telling me, I didn't need to spend all that money?
slippery slope
[M Human -> F Demon, M2F, TFTG, Mental Changes/Corruption] Rehabilitation
VERY IMPORTANT - r/transformation has surpassed r/transformers in members.
[M Human -> F Vastaya, M2F, TGTF, Possession, Ahri/League of Legends] [Commission]
A little boost [M Human -> F Human, TGTF] by chesshire88
Slannesh Works in Mysterious ways
The abandoned lab [female ->centaur] (OC)
Late Night Gaming (F Breast Expansion/Inflation) by Tail-Blazer
VR is really going places [F Hucow/Cowgirl Post-TF; Corruption] by BumbleBorb
Here Comes the Bride [Yandere MTF/TGTF, "Willing" Mental Changes/Corruption,
Oversexualizing Beam [F Unsuspecting Student --> F EXTRA THICC Surprised Student]
Pillow Talk (Supermodel TGTF) by theTransformistress
A Busty Situation [Breast Expansion] by MadArtRaven
We’ve all seen it before guys
The Best Present [MTF/TGTF] by NotZackforWork
Picture This [MILF MTF/TGTF, Asian/Japanese Race Change, Gyaru TF/Gyarufication,
Playboy Bunny'd 2 [F Human -> F Bunny Girl] by TheTransformistress
You know what? Fuck you. *unshortens your shortstack* (oc) [Imp Female ->
Shape shifting to your desires (Derpixon)
Hermione grown
Dragon Knight TG [M Human -> F Dragon Girl] by TheTransformistress
[MTF] Super Real RPG by RudySakiArt
[F Humans -> Breasts, Merging/Fusion, Expansion] [Commission] Breast Friends
TS Daughter Kept as a Dairy Cow by POKOten718 [MTF/TGTF Human to Hucow/Cowgirl Transformation,
I (♂) was forcibly changed into a succubus (♀) (TSF no F) {Comic} [MTF/TGTF]
(Male Elf -> Female Elf, MTF, TG) Id like a triple patty supreme please!
[M -> F Human & F Human -> Bikini, M2F, TFTG, Inanimate] [Commission]
The Girl in the Blue Swimsuit [MTF/TGTF] - NotZackforWork
Jane Transforming At School Manga (1-7)
Sinon TG (MTF, Sinon Twinning) (Sword Art Online) by theTransformistress
Sadako's Will (貞子の意志) [M Human -> F Ghost/Onryo, MTF/TFTG, Twinning,
[M Shark Anthro -> F Shark Kemonomimi, M2F, TFTG, Humanization] Shark Bait
A Friendly Game of Chess TG [M Human -> F Human] by TheTransformistress
I think about this a lot
Sexy Fox [M Human ----> F Vixen] By Zorym (Me)
Once it's in, it's never out (Cavitees)
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