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I've become the "class slut" as the only girl in my software engineering
How an innocent straight-A student from rural China ended up becoming a stupid gangbang
(24F) I'm fucking my neighbors and they don't know.
I'm probably the most unapproachable stupid slut in the world.
Cock-starved slut [F24] begs the Amazon guy for a quickie.
I (28F) stayed tied up at my fuck buddy's house while he went out for a beer with
As a guy every time I read a post in this sub...
Before last Halloween I [F19] found out my boyfriend cheated on me. So I let his
How a Tragic Accident turned me into a Whore [AMA]
Blew a guy while out on my morning run
18 year old virgin boy told me his dick was too small. So I rode him to prove him
I got a Facial during my Wolf of Wall Street interview
Got stripped and railed at a party by guys I've known for a decade..
Had a train ran on me while I [F28] was blindfolded and I still don't know who used
I, a 48 year-old mother, gave a teenager a blowjob and fucked him in public on his
My most shameful night ever
my 2 huge dirty talk tips for other sluts (that women's magazines won't tell you)
I asked my boyfriend to use all my holes whenever he pleases
I'm my roommate's fucktoy/whore for the duration of isolation
Let a friend’s bf fuck my ass because she didn’t like anal
Pinned down and fucked by a dad I picked up at a football game
I'm a slut because my husband made me.
I [23/f] was seduced by a girl I used to babysit [20/f]
Taking one for the team so that my friend could get the man she wanted
I (32f) fucked my housemate’s hook up after she fell asleep
I ruined game night
Had a bf that liked fucking me in public. One time a guy joined
I walked down the aisle with Cum on my Face
I was a party favor at our Super Bowl party. This really raised my slut bar and was
[F]ucked 3 guys on tinder today, made each of them drive me to the next guy
I think my first boyfriend has ruined me sexually.
Left my panties in my professor’s office
Catcalled about eating my pussy. So I said yes.
Secret Party Fuck
(F23) assfucked by a tinder date while my boyfriend is in the next room (long post)
[19F] I used to babysit for him. He lasted 3 minutes
The time my (18F) bf's roommate ate my ass while I was on the phone with my bf
Why I love letting men cum on my [f]ace
An elegant evening with a stupid slut
My best[f]riend facetimed me while I [20F] was getting fucked by my boyfriend, we
Being a receptionist has been lucrative for my stripping job
[F]rom wholesome housewife to free use slut and back to wholesome wife
I (F29) seduced a married man and his wife now knows her place
My(f) three best friends passed me around to give them blowjobs
Accidentally became a porn 'star' and got suspended from school for it.
Gangbanged on my birthday
Stupid slut for my best friend and her fiancé [FFM]
The truth behind how I paid for college
My [31/f] fiancé dumped me, so I’ve decided to become a slut
That time I fucked my boyfriend's roommate and then had an unplanned fuck after.
I fucked my boyfriends dad (all the details)
I offered a blowjob to a random guy at a bar
Free use slut on poker night
I hated my roommate. So I fucked her man.
Half of campus knows I'm a throat slut
Hot moving guy fucked and humiliated me and I loved it
Two sluts in quarantine. We didn’t stand a chance did we?
She sat on it in everyone's presence
[19F] I think he fucked me in his daughter's bed
5 months into cuckold I slowly become a definition of "free use slut" for
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