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Turned 37 today. Celebrated by refusing all dinner invites so I could make this glorious
Technically not steak, but I made Beef Wellington for Thanksgiving and it was pretty
3” bone in ribeye. Smoked at 200 for an hour, then seared at 800.
United Steaks of America
Just been told my chemotherapy is not needed anymore. First ever time trying waygu
Steak in the Sierras
Australian wagyu tomahawk
Prime Angus Fillet, Seared at 1200F then cooked indirect until 120F, final resting
Charcoal grilled grass fed ribeyes
Just struck a huge deal at my local Costco, found PRIME FILET MIGNON mislabeled as
This 8lb hunk of sex I'm cooking for my parents and I today.
Smoked tri tip
A5 Wagyu for tomorrow. Going to boil it until well done and finish with A1 steak
My father in law was a preacher for 40 years. Always had to work hard to make ends
He did not die for nothing
Wagyu strip to celebrate beating coronavirus
Wagyu Tri-Tip
Any lamb lovers here?
Made some prime rib for NYE. Best I’ve ever cooked or eaten
Basting Steaks!
135F, melted in your mouth like butter. Grill + remote temp.
What if someone ask for their steak well done? We ask them firmly and politely to
A couple prime ribeyes from the other night.
No toilet paper at Costco but...
United Steak of America
The best reason ever for celebratory steak =)
11 years ago I was living in my car. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate
Ribeye in a herbal plant background for your viewing pleasure.
Charcoal grilled crust to perfection
Last night was the best steak I’ve ever had.
A5 at coscto👀
I think I finally got a proper sear!
Eating like a GameStop millionaire
Cooked my dad what could be his last steak. Cancer's a bitch, but it doesn't have
I love this time of year when ribeye roasts go on sale.
NY Strip; a true beauty
Best meat I’ve ever had. Deer tenderloin and striploin in the sous vide.
Behold the crust of kings
See you on the flippity flop! 16oz Ribeye
Was my bday yesterday so I made a rib eye with some chimichurri !!
Oh hello there beautiful <3 Great Rib Eye for tonight
Here’s today’s tenderloin as a celebration of finishing 4th year of med school
My Son crawled for the first time yesterday... To a plate of Tri-tip.
Prepping the roast beast.
NY strip I cooked a few months back. Pan seared and roasted in cast iron
Semi boneless 2lb Ribeye, reverse seared.
I love when ribeyes are on sale...
Flipping a one kilogram steak aged 60 days in bacon lard in a large cast iron
The morning after steak night
The excitement I have for tomorrow can only be understood by this community
Late Valentines steak
True story
Went to a Steak Class with my dad yesterday for Father’s Day... yes we got to try
Wagyu Tri-tip
I’m not sure how y’all feel about smothering a ribeye with sautéed mushrooms,
Steak N’ Eggs!
And you thought being an adult didn’t come with benefits
Tomahawk Ribeye Wellington
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