Open Ima

My first post on this sub - I am the softest thing I’ve ever touched 🥰
Body Ratio is insane💦🤤😍
I guess I’m the McDonald’s Belle Delphine 😅
I’ll meet you in your dreams 🤍
Wanna play?
Love my hanging out belly
I hate feeling rejected 🥺 So I post nudies on Reddit to cheer me up.
Upvote this O N L Y if you love fat saggy tiddies like mine. 😋😋🥰
I’m totally wearing panties 👀
Shirts are overrated
Taken moments after destroying a slurpee 🤤 I have been getting extra chonk 💖
Do you think I’m cute? 🥺
Look at me. Want me. Like my photo. Good boy.
65 inches 🍑
I eat these other “ssbbws” for snacks
A year ago, I’d never post this. Today, I don’t hate it.
Hi I am Zoey I am so excited to be here Reddit ❤️
Like my pic if you wanna see me take off the dress and show my big belly~
Can you help me with the sunscreen when we go to the beach?
Ssbbw material?
First time posting here... hello from Brooklyn! ✨
Hi, anyone still up?
Skinny dipping.. or should I say chunky dunking 🐷
Upvote this ONLY if you are dying with the need to touch my sweet tummy... for research
Out of my clothes and comfort zone... hopefully you like it. 🌺
Same crop top, 120lbs apart ☺️
I have been getting so huge lately... 💖
Can I sit?
Am I getting bigger??
heard y’all like before and afters so here’s mine (1.5 yrs)
You can join me, but you have to plunge 🤍
↗️vote if this post got you to stop scrolling! My chats are always open!
Upvote if you'd fuck me😋
Belly love 💕
This is the only sub where people aren't just straight mean
Hey, I’m CJ and I’m 520lb 🥰 my snap is saltssbbw
Spilling over chairs now 😌
Ssbbw belly on the sink? Fuck yes. It’s cute. ☺️
18, need fingers and tongue please 🥵👸
Have you missed me?
leggings are my favorite
I’ve been so insecure about being a big girl so ONLY UPVOTE if I’m your type.
Feeling daring, might delete later 😏
For Every ⬆️ vote I get I will rub my clit for 1 full minute...How many of you
Belly sitting pretty 😇
Pillsbury doughgirl 🤤
I’m so round
Do I have an ssbbw belly?
Who likes big bellies?
Bury yourself in me
Wanna cuddle up between these thighs?
Fat and filter free ... hard for me to do! 🥰🥲
She’s baaaaack. 😏 Did you miss me? I missed you! ♥️ Here’s your daily
Picking lavender 🕊
Showing off my big belly
Come here daddy 🤪
My gut is overflowing my lap I big enough for this sub yet?
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